В подборку включены самые разнообразные произведения, которыми найдут для себя интересными как подростки, так и взрослые ученики. Узнайте сколько стоит уникальная работа конкретно по Вашей теме: Stories of rich and poor, black and white, Native American and immigrant. Can the lawyers find out the truth, by asking the right questions? Sally is always running — and she has her phone with her all the time: In a house in Oxford three people are having breakfast — Carol, her husband Jan, and his father Josef.

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This is a collection of short stories about adventures on trains.

When a large plane is hijacked, the Prime Minister looks at the list of passengers and suddenly becomes very, very frightened. He is not a wolf — he is Mowgli, a human child, but he knows nothing of the world of men. Football seen from the inside, адаптированноя this fascinating view of an amazing sport.

Lindop Christine. Red Roses

Why does he need the help of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes? In the middle of all the rubbish, the boy finds a beautiful old piano.

When the chance comes, on a calm moonlit night in the Indian Ocean, Jim fails the test, and his world falls to pieces around him. Bookworms World Stories collect stories from around the world. He is cold and hungry, and wants to get out of the rain.


But rich or poor, young or old, they all have the same feelings of fear, hope, love, jealousy. So how did the murderer escape? He dreams of great adventures — and the chance to show the world what a hero he is. You are shocked to discover, also, that you hate goses.

Carol soon decides that there is something very strange about Mr Ross.

Red Roses (Окончание Аудиокниги на Английском для Начинающих)

It was a strange little thing — fat and furry, and with eyes on long stalks. Уведомить меня о ангилйском комментариях по email. И стиль изложения. The guard looks at the gun and hands over the money.

He and Davies soon find themselves sailing in the stormy waters of the North Sea, exploring the channels and sandbanks around the German Frisian Islands, and looking for a secret — a secret that could mean great danger for England.

His mother does not want him, children run away from him. Only Richard can answer these questions. But wishes are difficult things.

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Everybody knows about the United States of America. They are sad, angry, frightened letters. He has been in India for many years.

А дополнительное прослушивание аудиорассказов развивают восприятие речи на слух. His eyes were angry. A man comes out and looks at you.


Set in Europe and New Zealand, these nine stories by Katherine Mansfield dig deep beneath the appearances of life to show us the causes of аудиокнигч happiness and despair.

Because when a dog falls down in a fight, he never gets up again.

Red roses аудиокнига на английском

He must learn to share his world; he must learn how animals live and eat and fight. And then the man leaves the first woman, finds a younger woman, marries her.

Oxford Bookworms Library, Cries from the Heart. Он идет по коридору, но он не слышит гитару. When Tonya and her friends decide to sail around the world they want to see exciting things and visit exciting places.

He becomes her friend and defender, but friendship with an unhappy, lonely woman is a dangerous path аудиокниа a young man to follow — especially a young man who is soon to be married.