They have quite a lot of short videos but typically it only shows what to do, not why. For the best results the scanning mechanism needs to be in a good condition. This means that because the instructions are contained within the file, if you move the image from folder to folder, the instructions on how to view the file are never lost or misplaced. В пакете вообще нет софта для работы со сканерами. VLT Virtual light table can be used to preview archived images and selected for post processing in the JobManager console. Найти бы нормальную рабочую 8-ую версию.

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What’s new? SilverFast News

As for features I wish that SilverFast had, silvedfast appropriate one here would be some mechanism to make sure that your computer does not fall asleep during the silvetfast. Объективы с постоянным фокусным расстоянием. Both «interpolated data» and «Digital Zoom» create «invented» pixels. By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies. The work flow pilot does not support batch scanning.

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Можно использовать либо sikverfast шаблоноы входящие в PrinTao или создавать свои собственные. When you do this, you get the videos for the standard software, the SE version of the software and the Studio version of the software.

SilverFast Archive Suite 8 Review

We determined these instructions with a demo version of Silverfast 8. It seems not to introduce any ill effects when used for negative scans so you might want to explore it further. Пока пробую, ведь под новую систему Mac прог не осталось, придется ставить виртуальную машину и винды.


SilverFasts post processing colour controls are more pleasing to use, as they are more visual, but VueScan has as much flexibility in that area. Удалось ли найти пролеченную SilverFast AI то, что бывает в комплекте со сканером или заменить её чем-либо? My guess is that this data is held within the binary data of the file as nothing in the XMP listings exhibits any indication of the originally created name.

Also new and up to date is the graphical user interface, on which the user can quickly and easily find all important controls and features.

Starting up SilverFast HDR for the first time can be one of the most frustrating events you can do if you do not fully know what to expect. Мы рекомендуем вам обновить браузер до последней 88.

Knowing what that name means and does is another issue. Below shows how it was done in Version 8. Some of the new features include:.

SilverFast SE Plus 8 Quick Guide

Simply, the VLT has extremely limited capabilities. Больше о многократной экспозиции …. Динамический диапазон играет решающую роль для достижения высокого качества silerfast обработке изображений запись, скандирование, обработка и архивация.

Скачать оригинальную версию 8. One rather curious ability that SilverFast can do is an area that I scratch my head a bit and wonder «why silverfastt this in scanning software?


If you recall, I did mention that part of the demosaicing process is to give an interpretation of the raw image data. A special feature of the Virtual Light Table is its unique «Zoom» function. Amusingly, even the manuals that are for the new update have sections in the same document that show the older UI. Issues may arise if the scanner does not scan the separate images in exactly the same alignment. This may not look too bad on a monitor, but when printing, there is very likely going to be posterization and banding.

However, Because you captured ALL the data during the original scan, most of dilverfast scanning operations that require extra scanning time is not done during the scanning process, so time is saved there. Epson V, win7 64x, программу зарегистрировал, и после замены пускового файла, вот такая ошибка!!!

Microtek produces film scanners and primarily flatbed scanners up to DIN A3 size since many years. Testimonials — Latest Customer Opinions. This takes about a minute to do and guarantees the colors you are scanning are what they are supposed to be.